The Warriors' hopes of finding a mentor for coach Andrew McFadden have stalled again with Laurie Daley telling the club he's too busy with NSW to take on a formal role.

Daley was approached about taking on a role with the Warriors, with Eric Watson hinting last weekend he was keen on Daley being the club's football director.

That followed on from discussions earlier in the year about Daley being a sounding board for McFadden, who is under pressure after three-straight losses to the 2016 NRL campaign on the back of eight consecutive defeats to end the 2015 season.

Watson has said McFadden is "not going anywhere" as coach but admit they need more support and experience around him.


But Daley's main attentions are on his role NSW State of Origin coach.

"I'm concentrating on NSW. That's where my job is and that's where I focus my attention," Daley told Fox Sports in Australia. "I'm a mate of Andrew McFadden and I speak to him quite a bit.

"Coaching can get lonely and I've let him know that I'm an ear there if he wants to bounce anything off me."

It means the Warriors are back to square one. General manager Jim Doyle has approached rugby heavyweights Sir Graham Henry and Wayne Smith in recent years over having advisory roles.

"I talked to Wayne a few times but unfortunately Wayne, because of his character, is very loyal to NZ rugby and that was the biggest stumbling block," Doyle said last weekend.

McFadden took over as head coach from Matt Elliott, who was sacked five games into the 2014 season, for his first head coaching role.