Sport's new glamour couple - Silver Fern Maria Tutaia and Australian rugby star Israel Folau - have stepped out on their first public date.

The pair are among celebrities at Ellerslie today for Auckland Cup Day.

Masters of tactical play in their respective sports, the couple also displayed their off-field elusiveness from media at Ellerslie.

Despite being in the same corporate marquee area at Ellerslie, Tutaia and Folau were only occasionally next to each other, in a bid to avoid being photographed by the media.


Dressed in a blue suit and matching shirt Folau was seen sitting at an outside table near the race track in a corporate marquee.

Meanwhile Tutaia, dressed in an elegant lace white dress and matching hat was spotted mingling with other guests about 10m away.

Tutaia wouldn't talk about her new partner when approached by the Herald on Sunday.

Folau is on a rare weekend off from his Waratahs commitments across the Tasman.