Valerie Adams bounced back from a frustrating first up competition last week to win her 14th national title in Dunedin today.

Her 19.43m winner was the longest outdoor or indoor put since January, making her the top-ranked women in the world five months out from the Rio Olympics.

''I'm pretty stoked with today," she said. ''I think it's a better indication of where I'm at. I know there is still more there, but it's just a matter of competing, competing and getting out there and getting my confidence back."

Adams was left frustrated after the Auckland Track Challenge last month, when she could not go further than 18.85m.


However, she was far more relaxed today, and even flexed her muscles to the crowd after her penultimate attempt of 19.38m.

She saved her best for last, which comfortably moved her clear of second-ranked Gong Lijiao [19.37m], of China, this year.

''Today was all about having fun," she said. ''Coming out and doing what I love to do and being patient.

''I've always realised, but I think I wasn't realistic with it, that I am human. I have feelings, I hurt, I cry, I smile, I laugh. The last competition was very tough for me to swallow.

''Today, there was a little bit of frustration with one of the throws, but it is what it is. The big one is there raring, we just need to keep putting it in the pot and stewing it. We just have to make it nice and tender so when it does come out in Rio it's going to be nice and delicious."

With just three athletes in the field, it was a quick-fire competition.

Adams started with an 18.10m put, before following it up with 19.24m, 19.30m, 19.01m, 19.38m and 19.43m.

Lauren Bruce (19), of Canterbury, was second.

Adams, who had shoulder and elbow surgery at the end of 2014, said her body was in ''pretty good nick" ahead of the world indoor championships in the United States in less than a fortnight.