Triple world champion Mick Fanning has revealed he will not compete for the 2016 world crown.

The brilliant Australian surfer has suffered a horror 2015 after surviving a shark attack and the death of his older brother while also revealing a marriage breakup.

"Last year was definitely intense - what happened at J-Bay, being in a title race and the unfortunate passing of my brother," Fanning said.

"There was so much build up with everything happening. I got to a point at the end of the year where I felt empty. I didn't feel like I had much to give back."


"This year, I'm going to take some time off and have a bit of a personal year," Fanning continued.

"Just to regroup and re-stoke the fire. At this stage, I'm going to compete at Snapper and I'm going to compete at Bells and then I'm going to take some time off from there.

"They (Snapper and Bells) are two events that I love and I'd go crazy if I were sitting at home and couldn't go surf Snapper.

"Bells is like a second home as well. From then on, I feel like I have to take some time away from the tour to get out of that sort of zone to see where my head is at."

Fanning, was attacked by a shark during the World Surf League competition last year, but miraculously escaped and ended up being in with a chance of winning a fourth world crown at Pipeline in December.

But on the morning of a vital clash he learned his older brother Peter, 43, had died on the Gold Coast.

This year Fanning also confirmed on Facebook that his marriage was also over.

While he has indicated he will not contest the entire World Tour, Fanning will face some demons by returning to J-Bay where he was attacked by a shark.

"I want to go back to J-Bay," Fanning said. "I feel like there's something there that I want to go and face.

"I want to make sure that I scratch that off the list. I think the main thing will be that first surf.

"I probably won't be getting up at dark and getting out there before the sun gets up anymore.

"I think it's more about jumping in and surfing once or twice and then I'll be fine. It's the same thing as when I came back and surfed Snapper for the first time. You're a little bit wary and it's in the back of your mind, but you get to a point where you start to feel comfortable again.

"If I go and do that event, there are going to be a lot of eyes on me. A lot of people will be seeing what reaction I'll have. I don't think I'll be paddling out early for heats, but I think after a surf or two, I'll feel fine."