One of the toughest men in UFC is planning to make a serious change to his lifestyle once he quits fighting.

Kiwi UFC star Mark Hunt he's sickened by animal cruelty and plans to become a vegan.

"I don't like animal cruelty," Hunt told the Daily Telegraph. "I was watching a video about halal meat and how the animals were killed and I said when I finished fighting I would become a vegetarian. I can't do it yet but I'm changing my diet slowly to eventually become a vegan.

"It's hard in this sport to go from being a meat-eater to vegan straight away but it will happen."


Hunt says he chooses to fight and bleed - unlike animals he saw in a slaughterhouse which have no say in their fate.

Despite many people criticising UFC for it's brutality, the 41-year-old Kiwi fighter is quick to jump to the defense of the sport.

"I think it is actually kind of mild compared to some other sports," he says.

"Sadly, we've seen a death in cricket at the highest level and to me driving a racing car is much more dangerous than what we do."

Hunt will take on Frank Mir in a highly anticipated heavyweight clash in Brisbane next month.

8 Feb, 2016 1:30pm
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