As I write this training update I can officially announce that I am a broken man. I am hobbling and shuffling like a man in his 80s chasing after the local floozies in the aged care facility.

You see I have been doing some pretty gruelling things over last eight days in preparation for this weekend's Sovereign Triathlon. I have been riding my bike from one end of the island to the other, I have been running every chance I have got after the rides and I even went for a swim in the freezing waters of Lake Taupo.

Every muscle in my lower half hurts, my butt hurts - and for those unlucky enough to actually see my saddle, sore-ridden behind on national television last Thursday I sincerely apologise - I blame the one and only Sam Wallace for sneaking up and taking a picture whilst I was getting a massage.

The biggest concern for me right now is however my lower back, I have always struggled with it from an early age but today as I try and sit here at my computer it is like someone is kindly driving hot knitting needles into my lower back. If anyone out there has some secret remedy to fix an ailing rock hard back I am all ears, please do help.

I have booked in physio appointments all this week - the amazing team of former New Zealand Sevens physio Geoff Potts and crew, it will be ultimately in their hands to get me to the start line. Today is Monday and I figure the way I am feeling it is going to have to be a rest day. Rest recoup and try and get myself up and onto that finisher's podium.