Sonny Bill Williams has revealed that he won't repeat his Rugby World Cup actions and give away his medal if the All Blacks sevens team reach the dais at Rio.

Williams also says his superstar status will mean nothing when national sevens coach Gordon Tietjens gets down to naming his Olympic team.

Many believe he is an automatic selection for Rio, despite a few bungles in the Wellington sevens. SBW says not-so, and has also revealed when he hopes to quit football for fulltime boxing.

In an interview with the Sydney Telegraph, the Chiefs rugby back and Roosters league target said he would play for three more seasons.


"...then take up full-time boxing for six or seven fights in one year. Then I'd wander off into the sunset," he said, when asked about his ideal future.

"My fights have been on and off and I often wonder how I'd go just concentrating on boxing and nothing else."

Williams, who has rugby World Cup and league NRL winners medals, would prize an Olympic gold above anything else.

"It would supersede everything - just being able to say to my daughter that I was an Olympian," said the 30-year-old.

"Just to make the squad would be a feat in itself. Everyone thinks because I'm a name in the 15-a-side game that I've got a head start. Absolutely no way."

While he is not a big memento fan, an Olympic gold medal would be an exception. There would be no repeat of his 2015 World Cup action, when he gave his medal away.

"Probably not...this is something I've wanted since I was a kid," he said