It appears Ronda Rousey will not return as expected at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas after filming for the Road House remake was delayed.

UFC president Dana White told Yahoo Sports that Rousey requested additional time off before booking her next fight, which was expected to be a rematch with Holly Holm in the US summer.

Holm defeated Rousey by knockout at UFC 193 and all signs pointed towards an immediate rematch in July but now those plans have been scrapped.

"The filming of the movie got pushed back," White said. "She could do both, but the question is, should she do both? She could do both, but why should she? The filming is in a time frame where she'd finish before (UFC) 200, but it would be cutting it too close."


Rousey was extremely busy in 2015 with three title fights as well as the release of two films - Entourage and Furious 7.

Rousey has also packed her schedule with commitments over the next few months including a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live as well as filming for Road House and her planned project with Mark Wahlberg called Mile 22.

The timing to get Rousey ready for a potential rematch with Holm already seemed tough even without one of the movies getting pushed back but now this latest delay has forced the former champion to forgo hopes of returning in July.

In the meantime, Holm has already been booked for her first title defence as she will face Miesha Tate at UFC 197 on March 5 as the co-main event for the card headlined by Conor McGregor taking on Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title.

White didn't reveal how much time Rousey would need before returning to action but he was happy to grant her the extended break after she worked a rigorous schedule for the promotion over the last few years.

"The way I look at this one is, Ronda has worked her a** off for us for the last three years. She's been fighting, promoting and building the sport. If anyone deserves the time off, it's her," White said.

"What that woman has done is above and beyond what anyone has done. I mean, it's just unbelievable what she's done in the last three years.

"So when she tells me she wants more time, you know what? She's got it."