A boy attending a Big Bash cricket match in Melbourne has quickly become an internet trend over the way he ate a watermelon.

Captured by cameras during the clash between the Melbourne Renegades and the Melbourne Stars at the Melbourne Cricket Ground yesterday, the young fan began to eat the entire watermelon, skin included, which stunned commentators and social media.

It wasn't long before #watermelonboy was the top trending Twitter topic in Australia as viewers were transfixed by his eating method.

"That's... I've never seen that before in my life," one commentator stated during the live broadcast before another added "that is unbelievable".


It was then revealed that the boy is the son of Melbourne's SEN 1116 radio host and sports reporter Tony Schibeci.

"Oh Boy. My son is the new family Cult Hero," he tweeted.

It wasn't long before the impending watermelon memes and reaction hit the internet.

Unfortunately the little Aussie battler couldn't finish the whole thing with Schibeci posting a photo of his in bed with the half-eaten watermelon.

More than 80,000 fans attended the Twenty20 match, a record for the Big Bash.