New Zealand toured Pakistan in 1990, losing the test series 3-0. On November 2, 1990, the Herald published the following column from New Zealand captain Martin Crowe.

It's doubtful that we could ever have scored enough runs to win the third cricket test against Pakistan - that's just the way of things here.

We were never allowed to get a partnership going.

However, a lot of the damage was done when when we were 30-4 on the fourth evening. And we really could not afford a mistake or a bad decision when we went out to bat on the fifth day.


We were positive and showed a lot of character but we never scored enough.

I haven't enjoyed having a 3-0 loss but I never expected anything other than a really tough series.

The reality is that we have made an improvement in each game we have played. And it was neat to know we could nearly beat Pakistan as we showed in the third test.

But even in the one-day series it is going to be hard to win a game.

At the end of the day we need a few more individuals to contribute to eliminate holes that are in the side so that when we get in front we can hold it. Our bowling is coming together with Chris Pringle, Willie Watson and Danny Morrison all doing well.

The only aspect we haven't improved on is with the top three batters.

We haven't been able to get through the first 10 overs or first hour's play in six innings and that has put pressure on the middle order. If we could have survived that period then things would have been different.

Another problem we had was in our fielding during long partnerships.


This was especially so when Shoaib Mohammad was batting. One of our main worries was knowing how we were going to get him out. It was the same all through the series.

Because he was there for so long he would let loose all of a sudden and the half chance that he gave us was gone because we hadn't been expecting it.

Self-consciously we didn't anticipate getting him out enough. It is hard going over after over and learning what to do in that situation.

We had some bad sessions attitude-wise as a result but then as soon as we got a wicket the fielding was brilliant and it was clear the potential is there.