Kiwi judokas Adrian Leat and Moira De Villiers took silver in the judo this morning.

Leat competed in the men's -73kg final, while De Villiers competed in the women's -70kg final.

Both were beaten by English judockas, with Leat going down to Danny Williams, and De Villiers losing out to Megan Fletcher.

Leat's bout was a close-run thing, but he could not come back from giving up a waza-ari in the first minute, which saw him concede 10 points to Williams.


It was the first major tournament win for the Englishman, who had represented Great Britain in the London Olympics.

Earlier, Leat claimed four victories in qualifying for the final, all of which came by way of ippons against judokas from Wales, Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa.

De Villiers was well in the contest of her final until Flecther got her into an ippon position, effectively ending the bout.

The South African-born De Villiers qualified for the -70kg final with victories against judokas from Canada and Australia.

Leat told Sky Sport that he was disappointed to miss out on gold, but said that silver was "still a great achievement".

Leat dedicated the medal to his brother who died five months ago.

New Zealand's now has three medals in the judo, following Darcina Manuel's bronze yesterday.