Wellington Phoenix will appeal the red card given to defender Ben Sigmund which led to cheating accusations against Adelaide United in yesterday's A-League match.

The Phoenix are furious at Sigmund being sent off for taking down Adelaide attacker Jeronimo Neumann when the Reds player clearly dived.

Wellington captain Andrew Durante labelled Jeronimo a "cheat" after Adelaide claimed a 3-1 win at Hindmarsh Stadium which featured two Jeronimo goals.

And Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert said the league had a chance to make a statement on players diving when examining Jeronimo's actions in the 77th minute.


"If the boy hasn't dived, then fine, we all move on, it happens from time to time," Herbert told reporters in Adelaide post-game.

"But if he has, then maybe there is a chance to make a bit of a statement here."

Phoenix have confirmed they will appeal the straight red card given to Sigmund and ask Football Federation Australia to erase the booking.

Herbert was also incensed by other refereeing decisions in his club's first loss of the season.

Wellington's Jeremy Brockie appeared to take a 2-1 lead in the 59th minute when heading a goal, only to be ruled offside.

And just nine minutes later, Adelaide's Cassio goaled from an offside position.

"You have seen the video footage, write it yourself, I probably don't need to put words in your mouth," Herbert told reporters.

"At the end of the day we have got an opinion and sometimes we can't voice it and I think that is to be respected.

"But all we ask for, is there an equal sort of line across the board?

"I think Jeremy's goal was a great goal.

"I thought Cassio's goal ... that is offside."