Andrew Alderson's five defining moments of New Zealand's super over defeat to the West Indies at cricket's World T20. It was the eighth time a super over has been used to determine a T20 international winner; New Zealand has been involved in five of them.

1. Chris Gayle dismissed for 30 off 14 balls - 6.2 overs - West Indies 61 for three.

Southee delivered some bowling bait just short of a length outside off stump, Gayle nibbled and the ball stuck in Brendon McCullum's gloves. The New Zealanders erupted with euphoria. Southee whooped, McCullum propelled the ball into the air and the remaining nine fielders converged in a state of delight. They knew the significance.

2. Marlon Samuels holes out at a newly straight long on - 10.4 overs - West Indies 87 for four.

Samuels kept the run rate bubbling at well over eight-an-over post-Gayle. In a Nostradamus moment, Nathan McCullum gestured frantically to Southee at wide long on to move straighter by 30 metres. Cue the ball going straight into Southee's reverse cupped hands; Samuels dismissed for 24. It would otherwise have been six. The West Indies only managed 51 runs from their last nine overs.


3. Ross Taylor comes off strike - 19.5 overs - New Zealand 137 for six.

Taylor had played his innings of the tournament with 62 off 40 balls. Samuels fired a quick ball on middle stump, the New Zealand skipper got an inside edge onto his pads and there was a scamper for a single. Given Taylor had scooped Samuels for six the previous ball it will always be a case of 'what might have been?' Instead New Zealand packed their bags.

4. Doug Bracewell run out - 19.6 overs - New Zealand 139 for six.

Bracewell pushed a full toss on leg stump towards deep mid-wicket. It was a sensible option which looked like a feasible two runs off the last ball. However, he suffered the wrath of substitute fielder Dwayne Smith's laser beam arm. Taylor looked back in horror as he approached the non-striker's end. The super over ensued.

5. Gayle six off Southee no ball - 20.0 overs - West Indies 7 without loss.

After dismissing Gayle in the T20 section of the match, Southee was the right bowler to take the super over. In he loped around the wicket, brimming with aggression. Back he traipsed, smashed about 12 rows back over long off and having overstepped the popping crease. His mojo was in tatters, as were New Zealand's hopes of defending 17.