Stephen Jones, the Welsh rugby writer known for his vitriolic attacks on the All Blacks and New Zealand in general, has set his sights on the Kiwi Olympic team.

The Sunday Times columnist today took to Twitter to blast claims New Zealand is having an impressive games when its medal tally is weighted by population.

"NZ classic! NZ paper claims that since they have low population they are per capita havin great Games. So ultimate loser excuse found!," he said.

He followed that with: "By NZ's desperate excuse standards of low population I make Isle of Muck rugby champions of the World"


The Isle of Muck is a tiny island off the coast of Scotland.

His tweets were met with anger from several of his followers, some of whom pointed out British paper The Guardian was the first to release a medal tally adjusted by population and GDP.

Brit Steph Pandit pointed out local media had been using the weighted table.

"So we can't really knock the Kiwis, can we?"

Jones did not reply.

Manawatu Standard editor Michael Cummings said: "Ah, vitriol, the last resort of the man with no grace or intelligent argument."

That was parried with: "you should know Dickhead".

Jones was also angry at an allegation he was a "chump" who was taking out his rugby frustrations on the New Zealand Olympic team.


"Who asked you Twerp," he said.

Denigration of Kiwi teams and their achievements is a constant feature of Jones' Twitter account.

He recently blasted Graham Henry for claims match fixing may have been a factor in the All Blacks' shock loss to France in the 2007 Rugby World Cup quarter final.

Jones has previously praised the performance of English ref Wayne Barnes in that game.