A Great British discus thrower has made allegations on Twitter that Valerie Adams' gold medal shot put rival Nadzeya Ostapchuk is taking steroids.

Welsh athlete Brett Morse made the allegations about Nadzeya Ostapchuk before removing the post, Walesonline reports.

Ostapchuk dominated the shot put final by throwing further than Adams on four different occasions, winning the gold with an effort of 21.36 metres.

Morse, who failed to qualify for the men's Olympics discus final, tweeted: "I've had a bad day but it could be worse, I could look like Ostaptchuk [sic]."


He then made tweeted allegations that Ostapchuk was doping but it was removed.

After Valerie Adams claimed the silver in yesterday's final, her Swiss coach Jean-Pierre Egger left his media audience with a muted and cryptic response on the performance of Ostapchuk.

"I would prefer to keep silent on this performance, if you understand me," he said.

Ostapchuk went into the Olympics in hot form having thrown past the 21 metre mark in three events.