Kiwi gold medal winner Joseph Sullivan is not only a star athlete but a film maker as well.

The 25-year-old, who won New Zealand's first gold at the London Games with double sculls partner Nathan Cohen, 26, blogged and filmed the team's experiences in Europe.

Sullivan, who also has a Twitter account, wrote how NZ's rowing team had battled illness and suffered "technical issues" with their gear in the months leading up to the London Games.

"The 2nd world cup in Luzurn did not go so well for us we were right off the pass and it was very hurting mentally, we placed 12th," Sullivan blogged.


"But this gave us a chance to see us at our worst and it turned out to be something quite positive," he added.

Sullivan's video also shows the number of back-breaking hours New Zealand's Olympic rowers spent training on the water.

-Herald online