Sky TV says it will take no action against broadcaster Murray Deaker after he reportedly said All Black star and boxer Sonny Bill Williams made him "uncomfortable'' because "he is a Muslim in a so-called Christian country''.

Deaker reportedly made the slur about Williams, who converted to Islam in 2009, on the Deaker on Sports show on February 29.

Broadcaster Nathan Rarere posted on an online forum: "Murray Deaker stated last night that one of the reasons he doesn't like Sonny Bill is ... 'He is a Muslim, in a so-called Christian country, and that makes me uncomfortable','' Fairfax reported.

Sky Television spokeswoman Kirsty Way said today that the remark was made during a live discussion and its meaning was taken out of context when read in isolation.


No action would be taken by Sky TV against Deaker.

A copy of the tape could be released only with Deaker's approval because he had editorial control of the show, Ms Way said.

Deaker could not be reached for comment last night.

Williams' manager Khoder Nasser did not wish comment further when contacted yesterday evening.

He earlier said he was disgusted by what Deaker said.

"As you get older, they say you get wiser. You are closer to the grave, which gives you a sense of realism, you become humbled and more accepting of other human beings. But the older this man gets, the more bigoted he becomes.''

Hundreds of comments have been posted on Twitter condemning Deaker's remarks.

"If Sky won't cancel Deaker's show due to continued bigotism, surely fact this took 11 days to go mainstream (ie no one watches) should do it,'' tweeted Scott Preston.


"Deaker needs to be sacked. He throws around the n-bomb on tv and nothing happens now its religious bias and still nothing!'' Zac Borrows tweeted.

Deaker has previously apologised for describing a South Island farmer as "working like a n*****''.

Deaker later said it was a bad choice of words and he apologised unreservedly.