You have hit the big five-o. When?

I was born on January 18, 1956, in Auckland.

First played bowls?

At Okahu Bay as an 18-year-old. I have since played at Avondale, Takapuna and in Australia at The Entrance, The Hills and now Cabramatta.


Before that?

Rugby from 5-18 years. I represented Bay of Plenty when I very young and Counties at the Roller Mills. I later played to 3rd grade with Waitemata. After I broke my ankle I had two years off then played league for Pt Chev.

But it is bowls that has brought most success. What are some of the highlights?

Winning my first national title (fours) in 1981 and retaining that the following year when I also won the pairs with Danny [O'Connor]. Also winning the world pairs [with Peter Belliss] at Henderson in 1988 and the world triples in South Africa in 2000.

What is you dream four?

Nick Unkovich (skip), Morgan Moffat (3) and Danny O'Connor (2). I would be happy to lead for them.

Dream pair?

Toss up between Danny and Peter Belliss. Probably Pete, we won plenty.

Most underrated?

Danny O'Connor. He was never given a fair go.

Best you have played against?

There have been a few. I hardly ever played against Belliss or Gary Lawson and only a few times against David Bryant and Tony Allcock who were outstanding. The others who rate highly are Alex Marshall, Richard Corsie and Hugh Duff and, from Australia, Ian Schuback and Steve Glasson.

This will be your sixth Commonwealth Games but you haven't won gold. How close have you come?

We won a silver in the fours in Brisbane in 1982 [with O'Connor, Moffat and Jim Scott]. I've also won two bronze medals, including the fours in Auckland in 1990 when our only loss was by one shot in our first game. We finished third on a countback.

What about a seventh Games?

Oh mate, that's too far ahead.

You missed one Games. Which and why?

Edinburgh in 1986. With Belliss and Phil Skoglund I was ruled ineligible because I had taken prizemoney. Ian Dickison played singles there and won the gold medal.

How many times to World Bowls?

Six, for two golds, two silvers and two bronze medals.

A seventh?

They will be in Christchurch in two years. If it's meant to be I would like to be there.

You have had few decent paydays, including the $18,000 you won in the Countrywide Singles back in 1983. You bought a digger with that, have you still got it?

Pieces of it.

What else?

Three cars. I only drove one.

How many sets of bowls have you gone through?

About 15-20.

What brand do you use?

Basically Henselite all the way through. I'm contracted to them. I'm now playing with Henselite Dreamlines.

What is your take on coloured bowls?

I'm now using blue bowls. I started with brown and went to black but now in the NSW league where I play, you would be lucky to see two sets of black and no brown bowls of the 24 sets on a green. It looks like 100s and 1000s. Very colourful and good for the game. As are the cheerleaders!

What about the switch from ends/shots to sets?

I would prefer to go back to the original scoring. I feel bowls has lost something in going to sets. I would also like to go back to three-bowl pairs but New Zealand is the only country to play that.

As one of the world's best, it has been a case of have bowls, will travel. Where?

I've been to England about 25 times - at least twice a year for the past 10. I've also played in South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Scotland, PNG, Ireland, Malaysia, Wales, Fiji and Australia.

You quickly showed out as a precision lead, earning you the nickname of "Radar". Is that still your preferred slot or has your game moved on?

I skip our team in Australia as I have done here over the years. I still like singles though.

You are not known as a big-shot driver but you have been known to pull out the big one?

I've got a good drive but I hardly use it but when I do I hit the target about 90 per cent of the time. I prefer to play run shots and look to sit the bowls.

You have always enjoyed a beer. We understand you and the rest of the bowls team are going alcohol-free at the Games. How come?

It was a team decision. It will make the celebrations better when we win.