Doubts over Fiji's ability to host the 2007 world championships have been eased with the Fijian Government staying true to its word and promising more than $300,000 over the next two years.

Financial worries have plagued organisers since Fiji was awarded the event. Those concerns were increased by the confusing Budget announcement where Finance Minister Ratu Jone Kubuabola said the Fiji Netball Association would receive $245,000 and made no mention of the world championships.

World championship organising committee chairman Mick Beddoes, under pressure from the International Netball Federation, was forced to seek clarification.

The federation was concerned Fiji would not be able to afford the $84,000 needed to fit air-conditioning into the stadium.

As a result president Molly Rhone told Beddoes: no air-conditioning, no tournament.

On Sunday the Government told Beddoes that of the $245,000, $105,000 was to go towards team Fiji's preparation for the event and $140,000 to the world championships.

A further $170,000 has been earmarked in next year's Budget, giving championship organisers $310,000 - the amount which was originally promised. A further $84,000 had been allocated by the Fiji Sports Council for the air-conditioning.

"When the bid was made to host the event there were certain obligations and undertakings made by Government ... We must make sure the Government honours the obligations made because they [IFNA] could take it away to another country," Beddoes said from Fiji yesterday.

Also of concern had been Suva's lack of accommodation. Beddoes confirmed that accommodation had been found for all the teams and officials.