New appliance can deep clean clothes without the need for a full laundry wash.

A new in-home powerful air and steam cleaning cupboard has been launched in New Zealand.

The appliance, the Samsung AirDresser, might look like a wardrobe but acts similar to a dryclean but without the harsh chemicals says Jen Anders, director of home appliances at Samsung Electronics New Zealand.

"It doesn't just refresh and revitalise your clothing," he says. "It also deep cleans clothes helping to rid them of certain viruses, allergens and many kinds of bacteria that may be clinging to the fibres."

Anders says the AirDresser then runs everything through a deodorising filter, breaking down odour-causing particles and freshening both the clothes and the AirDresser itself.
The AirDresser is particularly useful when, after a hard day at work, people can hang up their work clothes without the need for full laundry wash.


"With the AirDresser you can just hang your work clothes inside and let them refresh knowing you can walk into the office tomorrow looking freshly pressed," he says. "The only effort on your part is hanging the clothes inside and selecting the cycle; then you can leave the jet-powered air hangars to do their thing."

Heatpump technology is used to dry clothing at low temperatures which minimises the chance of shrinkage, while technology known as Wrinklecare uses a combination of steam and air to smooth out wrinkles to reduce the need for ironing.

Anders says the powerful cleaning process is designed to be gentle as well – helping clothes to last longer.

"The AirDresser is pretty high-tech inside, but its exterior is classic and sleek and is designed to fit flawlessly into any contemporary living space," he says. "This includes the bedroom as the appliance's Quiet Mode minimises disruption to sleep.

"It also has portable water containers for steam so it doesn't require a water supply or drainage."

Anders says the appliance can achieve similar results that people get from drycleaning but without the expense and time involved with dropping clothes off and then picking them up.

Once the AirDresser is set up, users can download the Smart Assist app to get customised clothing care recommendations while Home Care Wizard remotely identifies laundry issues and helps fix them. Another feature, My Closet, stores clothing details and suggests the best cycles to suit them.

The Samsung AirDresser is available at Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman. For more information go to: