It's time we talked about a modern-day promised land – Ōtautahi Christchurch.

Jobs in growing industries, a basecamp for exploration and adventure and an attainable housing market. Wide open spaces amid a bustling urban centre, fulfilling career aspirations and getting your time back.

We're not talking about a mythical place here, although you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that. It's true, home ownership in many parts of New Zealand seems more out of reach than ever. Traffic and long commutes are the norm for a growing majority, and a true outdoors escape is often a few hours' drive away, if not an hour's flight.

Enter: Ōtautahi Christchurch – our country's best-kept secret.


This resurgent city is becoming the obvious yet understated place to be. Those that already call it home are in the know, and population statistics show more and more Kiwis are exploring the opportunity that exists in the country's second biggest city. It's time to make the move.

For years Ōtautahi Christchurch has been perceived with sympathy. A broken city, brave and resilient in the face of hardship – "good on you for sticking with that place, it's gotta be tough".

In three months, it will be 10 years since earthquakes changed the face of New Zealand's oldest city, and those perceptions are now – bluntly – wrong. It's time to wake up people, Christchurch is not the same place it was. That story in your head about conservative and broken Christchurch? It's outdated – time to catch up with the play.

The city has shifted dramatically away from being "munted", and locals are no longer "doing it tough". The rampant rebuild period is over, people are populating new office space and filling the city streets with life. This little slice of southern paradise is good to go, ripe for exploration.

The business opportunity in Ōtautahi Christchurch is clear, for everyone from investors and employees, to entrepreneurs and those looking to relocate their existing business.

Ample office space in safe and modern buildings, competitive commerical rent and a thriving business ecosystem combine to create a perfect positive storm. Strategic investment from city partners is future-proofing the economy in areas of global growth, a coordinated approach to future prosperity.

Ōtautahi Christchurch's rebuilt infrastructure is becoming the envy of cities struggling with creaking tired facilities. World-class education is available in spades, the city is connected to the world via international air and sea ports, and it sits at the heart of arguably the most diverse and exciting island in the world.

More than 115 international flights come and go from the city every week, with three weekly flights direct to Los Angeles the latest announcement. Forecasters of economic prosperity are beginning to put their bets on the city, a place on the precipice of great change. The time to explore is now.


Ōtautahi Christchurch's tertiaries are a reliable pipeline of talent for companies to draw from, and the city's Supernode industries are flourishing beyond expectation. The exploration spirit that built the city emboldens entrepreneurs and start ups to challenge the status quo.

Aside from business attractiveness, the lifestyle available in Ōtautahi Christchurch is one of balance and mental well-being. The majority of central city workers live within minutes of work – the average commute time is 19 minutes – giving them more time to spend with family, friends, or exploring what they love.

Within that short reach are hill suburbs with views of the Southern Alps, tree-lined alcoves with bustling communities and public swimming pools, and beachside promenades with surfable waves and sunshine. Whatever your flavour, this city has you covered.

The median house price is $443,500, well below the national median of $560,000. The Auckland median? $925,000. In Ōtautahi Christchurch, that Kiwi home ownership dream is closer than you thought possible.

So, is it time to explore this modern-day promised land? Are you looking for the good life? Do you want to get your time back? Get out of the rat race, out of the traffic, out of the grind.

Do more with your time and get into Ōtautahi Christchurch – your basecamp for exploration and opportunity.