New World is re-writing the book on supermarket collectables - with Spiegelau glassware.

Supermarket collectables are mostly known for being toys or other kid-driven items, but this year New World is introducing a new direction for its Christmas promotion: collectables for grown-ups.

To be precise: prestigious European-made glasses by Spiegelau. For every $20 spent in a New World store, or online (where available), shoppers can earn stickers which they can redeem for six different styles of glasses: red wine, white wine, champagne, beer, long drinks or whiskey.

Even better, for the first time New World is introducing a cash top-up mechanism – meaning shoppers don't have to trudge through an entire promotion period to enjoy the benefits and can pay a small, cash sum to redeem their stunning glassware.

New World's Head of Marketing, Pippa Prain, says the brand has been listening to its customers and was eager to deliver a promo that was practical and sustainable.


"There's not a scrap of plastic or unnecessary packaging to be seen with our Spiegelau promo, which speaks to our commitment to lead in sustainability. We wanted to reward shoppers with a free gift that is functional and practical for their homes, but one that also aligns with their personal commitment to living sustainably."

"There is a move away from short-term collectables," she says. "This promotion delivers on what our customers want to see from us: it rewards them with something useful for just doing their grocery shop, it's sustainable and it isn't a gimmick; the Spiegelau glasses are exceptional quality and will take pride of place in the cupboard for years to come."

Spiegelau is globally recognised for its glassware. The company is part of the famous Riedel group, which is renowned for its traditional craftsmanship in Germany specialising in high-quality and elegant crystal glasses for everyday use, a balance between form and function, and has been making exceptional glassware for the past 500 years.

In general, glasses for white wines tend to be smaller than those for reds. White wines, such as riesling and sauvignon blanc, tend to be acidic and a smaller, narrower, tulip-style glass directs the wine toward the tip of the tongue to deliver maximum flavour. A bigger, wider glass sends fleshier, tannic reds, such as cabernet sauvignon or syrah, to the middle of the palate — all designed to balance red wine and show it at its best.

Jim Harré, chair of judges for the 2019 New World Wine Awards, goes even further: "When I was first introduced to Riedel's Spiegelau glasses, I was sceptical. How could a glass shape change the taste of wine and how could a cut rim rather than a rolled rim on a glass make a difference?

"Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding and the difference is quite remarkable. Spiegelau glasses have become the standard at top domestic wine competitions, including the New World Wine Awards, because of their quality and practicality."

The New World Wine Awards are another reason to take advantage of the Spiegelau promotion – many of the award-winning wines are still available in New World stores nationwide. The recently released list features 50 Gold medal wines, as judged by some of the wine industry's most respected experts. To make the cut, a wine will have been tasted more than 19 times by at least 11 judges. Better yet, all are easy to find and under $25, $20 or $15.

Photo / Supplied.
Photo / Supplied.

How it works


Prain says rewarding customers with something a little special makes sense heading into the Christmas season. "It's a time of year when people make more sacrifices for their children and family. This rewards customers with a free gift they receive by just doing their usual grocery shop – aka life admin."

For every $20 spent in store or online, shoppers will collect stickers and can safely store them in handy collector booklets, which are available in stores. Once shoppers have enough stickers for the pair of glasses they want, they simply redeem in store.

Two Spiegelau beer glasses, for example, will be earned after 25 stickers (or 10 stickers and $10). Red wine, white wine and champagne flutes will take 30 stickers (or 12 stickers and $10) while long drink tumblers and whiskey glasses can be earned after 35 stickers (or 14 stickers plus $10).

Customers can earn stickers from 4 November 2019 to 12 January 2020 and can redeem stickers from 4 November 2019 to 26 January 2020.

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