New global platform makes looking for study courses here easier for overseas students.

New Zealand has long been a popular destination for overseas students, thanks to the quality of its education institutions and its beautiful natural environment. But one thing many foreign students don't like is the convoluted online application process they have to go through.

It's time consuming and confusing, and many foreign students find it hard to locate the courses, agents and schools they want. Until now.

The recently released online platform CatEight is a global course search and application platform that simplifies the process, ensuring students, agents and schools find the information they want easily and quickly.

"When I was applying for a one-year masters course in New Zealand, I couldn't find one that suited my needs," says Wendy Lim, a Malaysian student.


"But it only took a few seconds on CatEight to find courses which met my requirements."
Wendy liked the way CatEight presents the information, displaying the data in lists, instead of traditional grid layout, which she found a lot easier to navigate.

She also liked the way the original course link is displayed, enabling users to visit them directly; while the Agent Finder and School Finder functions allowed her to locate agents easily and view vital information about the schools she was considering.

Best of all the website was free to use, with search results that were precise, detailed and relevant.

"I recommended CatEight to my friends who were also looking to study in New Zealand, and they also liked it."

Education agents are also seeing the advantages of using CatEight as part of their business.
"Using CatEight greatly improves our efficiency because it has a Customer Relationship Management System specially designed for agents," says Sophie Qi a manager at Australia's Apex Education Consultant Centre.

She says that searching the appropriate courses and collecting students' information were time consuming tasks until CatEight designed a series of smart forms that contained all the information required by school.

When students complete these forms online documents are automatically generated which can then be sent to specific agents.

"These forms include all the information that we, as agents, require," she says.
In addition, each function of CatEight's Customer Relationship Management System manages students' files, conducts course and visa applications, records income and expenditure.
"All my staff now use CatEight. It increases our work efficiency by 50 per cent. It's been a great marketing tool too - through CatEight more students from all over the world know about my company and entrust us to help them apply for courses."


CatEight was developed in 2013 by Fatbox Technology in an effort to simplify the student application process for all involved.

"We modularised each function, and provided more services to users and this has made the process much simpler for users," says Stephen Kwong manager of Fatbox. "For example, we can help the schools complete their API, and enable them to access data obtained from CatEight."

He says that, in the future, the company is dedicated to bringing more client-friendly solutions to the burgeoning education industry.

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