In 2017 there were more than one or two real estate related horror stories in the media. A good example of this was a family who sold their home privately, only for it to be on-sold by the new owner at a large profit within weeks.

This isn't the first time we've heard of people having similar regret after a private sale. The homeowners in this case are quoted as saying that "in hindsight they wished they had used a real estate agent".

So we thought we'd help you avoid regret and give you 5 reasons why using a licensed real estate professional to sell your home is a good idea:

1. Ease


Let's face it, it's just easier. If you sell your home yourself, you will have to take phone calls, arrange viewings, answer questions and deal with lawyers. You might find the process getting in the way of your job, time with friends and family over a period of weeks or even months. The sale of a home needs to someone's full attention for the best result.

2. Negotiating Isn't Easy

I've heard a few people say they'd rather deal with the negotiation directly with their buyers, because they don't want someone in the middle. It's true that in some circumstances that would remove a layer of complexity. But that's assuming that both parties are reasonable and like-minded. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

A good real estate salesperson can be the buffer between two parties that wouldn't ordinarily get along. They are professional communicators trained to handle tough conversations.

3. Real Estate Agents Are Required To Disclose

In New Zealand the REAA (Real Estate Agents Act 2008) does a great job of protecting the vendor (and the buyers) in a transaction. It monitors and enforces a set of very clear guidelines for real estate transactions. These protect you from dishonest and poor quality salespeople.

4. Maximise Your Sale Price

A good real estate salesperson is backed by a strong team and a well-positioned brand that helps them showcase your property.

Not only are they backed by a great brand, but they're trained as a marketing professional too. They understand how to get your property in front of the largest amount of people who are most likely to buy your property for the right price.

5. Team

Whilst you get team support in most real estate businesses, few can provide it on the scale that you get at EVES. We chose the right people, train them where they need knowledge and them back them with world class support.

The Bottom Line

While there are people out there who might do an OK job of selling their own home, stories like the one at the start of this blog are all too common. Make your life easier and get the best result possible by engaging a skilled real estate agent. Give one of our EVES team a call today.