The other day someone handed me their business card. My first thought was - they should slap their graphic designer in the head. My next thought was - no. The slap belongs to the person that approved that business card.

Why oh why oh why would anyone print a business card with size 8 or 6 font? Teeny tiny print for the glorification of that bright empty white space. While business cards can be interesting - have a look at this blog post of 30 of the most creative business cards ever - they aren't pieces of art. They're there as part of the communication package of promoting you and your business. How can that happen if someone can't read the bloody thing without magnifying glasses?

Note to marketers and graphic designers. Have a heart for the over 40's. We hate small print.

Speaking of business cards, for years I've been sporting a card (I call it mini-me) that has a picture. For most your photo isn't important, but as a speaker I need to be remembered; my business name is irrelevant. I guess you'd say it's for personal branding - like real estate agents. Of course my contact details are large (as the lament above) and because it's folded in half, it acts like a mini brochure. The only mistake on this printing of 500 (which are dreadfully slow in being exhausted) is I thought it would be cool to put a QR code on it. QR is short for quick response. Here read all about it in Wikipedia, I don't think anyone has ever clicked on it (but me). I can't tell as I long ago lost which free site I generated the QR Code from. So all stats lost. Don't you hate that?


How many newsletters do you get in every day that just aren't?

It kills the content marketing newsletter communication channel for those that really do give out value add's. No wonder it's so darn hard to get new subscribers nowadays. So much of what is sent out by email is unmitigated you know what. The very gall of calling things newsletters when they're nothing more than BORING me, me, me, me pieces with BORING yada, yada, yada, about who? The company that is writing it. Ask me if I care if they're putting on another webinar. If they have things on yet another sale. Our time is precious. We have to get something of value in return for giving it. That isn't how the system works. Don't you just hate it.

Then to put the icing on the cake. Everyone and their brother is still sending out image on top and left in their emails. Recipients see nothing because delivery blocks images. Yes I know you read everywhere that images are king. That's what social media is all about. But not as the first thing you see in an email. Here - have a look at this 28 second video I made. It's the first 10 or so emails in my inbox. All marketing emails. What do you see?

Don't you just hate the arrogance, because it can't be ignorance. I would love to know - please comment to this question:

Do you give the extra click to see the images on the marketing emails you get in? Yes or no?