Writers Block! I've been trying, unsuccessfully to write this column for a couple of weeks. Nothing with a business bend seems to be coming - because one word keeps popping out in front. No matter how much I push it back, it wants to be said. Rather written. The word is thankfulness.

Thankfulness you say? What the heck? Is it even a word?

A few months ago I read about it in a few little snippets in Oprah Magazine. It really struck a cord because really how much do we all really complain, and b-ch and moan? All the time and about everything. During this time I've been traveling quite a bit too - so it really seems appropriate for a stop! Look around you. And be thankful for everything you have.

The internet is so slooowwww today. No. Instead, stop to think about what the Internet offers you and your business and be thankful for it.


I've got so much to do!!!!!!! No. Instead be thankful you have a job, when so many people are unemployed.

I'm traveling with my girls at the moment. They are moaning and groaning that the sun isn't shining and it's not 20 degrees. Me? I'm thankful that it's not raining! I just remind them of this (perhaps a bit too ad nauseum) and I remind them to be thankful of where they are and the sights they're seeing. I have to admit that adults probably get this be thankful concept better than an18 and 21 year old!

Is the bus late? The traffic heavy? At least we have buses, and the ability to afford our own cars. I was just in Cambodia. Poor roads. No transportation systems. People earn next to nothing. Be thankful how different life in New Zealand is. Be thankful you were born or had the wherewithal to move to this beautiful part of the world. Be thankful we are rich with our infrastructure. The cleanliness of our cities.

Moaning about your partner or kids? Be thankful for family. That you're not alone. That you have people to share your life with. How many people are all alone?

Be thankful for what you have. Your nice complexion. Your wonderful pets that great you when you come home. Be thankful for your ability to buy that morning coffee.

Be thankful you live in an age where you can fly off and be anywhere in a matter of hours. That you live in an age where you can share conversations, photos, memories with anyone. Anywhere. Anytime - and thankful you have the 'devices' to do so.

Be thankful for your life. For your health. For your wealth - not in money but in ability.

While there are thousands of things one can write to be thankful for, I'll stop here with one last thankful.

That was that I subscribed to the Oprah magazine a few years ago and that they periodically remind one about this concept.

Life is so much more pleasant when you look on the bright side. When you can turn a negative into a positive with a simple little twist of mind.

Try it. People will be more delighted to be with you.