An Australian website that matches job-seekers with employers has launched in New Zealand today.

The website, called OneShift, focuses on filling casual, temporary or contract positions and 23,000 businesses use the service to find staff across the Tasman.

OneShift's founder and chief executive, 23-year-old entrepreneur Genevieve George, said no jobs website had really taken on the "niche market" of part-time and casual work.

Job seekers upload information like their education, skills and experience to the OneShift website and a matching algorithm then links those workers to businesses looking for those type of staff.


Businesses post ads for free but pay for reviewing candidate profiles which OneShift has matched to the job.

Employers can then contact candidates directly.

"It's giving the business a lot more visibility and it's a low-risk model rather than paying up front [for a job ad] and getting no people applying for their jobs," George said.

George said the business model was "causing major headaches for traditional recruiters and job-boards who are failing to move with the times".

"It makes finding a suitable candidate much easier, and more affordable," she said.

Both small and large companies are using the service across the Tasman, including franchised businesses like Subway and Red Rooster.

George said the service offers opportunities for people who are moving around the country or students moving home from university during the holidays.

The idea for the website came from George's own experience while on a working holiday overseas.

"I was in a situation myself where I wanted to pick up some casual work in a short amount of time and to quickly get some money because I was running out of it...I guess being in the situation and having that problem myself and along with people around you, you kind of go 'where's the solution, why is there not something out there?'," she said.

OneShift launched across the Tasman in 2012 and employs 35 people in Australia.

George said the start-up could eventually hire staff in New Zealand but wanted to gauge the market here first.

The company secured a $5 million investment from an Australian recruitment firm in October and George said the relationship was already proving lucrative with sales this month up 400 per cent on the previous 30 days.