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Talitha McEwan loves her sport - probably a little too much. She swims, does synchronised swimming, water polo, underwater hockey, hockey, cricket, and she's also a surf life saver. But it all costs money. "My mum said I was doing too many sports so either I give up something or make money. "So I started making soap." "We kept telling her that things cost money but it wasn't sinking in," says mum Veronika. "We don't want to raise children who don't realise the value of money." So the entrepreneurial 11 year old from Papamoa has been making all sorts of soaps, candles, bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, face cream (even leather polish and furniture polish) since she was eight years old.

"My mum said I was doing too many sports so either I give up something or make money. So I started making soap."
Talitha McEwan
She has her own Facebook page and website, Talitha's Treasures, where people can make orders. She specialises in making cute party packs for birthday parties. Talitha has a connection with online supplier Pure Nature, which has invited her to attend courses. She's run blogs on their webpage teaching people how to make their own bath truffles, bath salts, soap, body scrub and lip balm. Talitha has always been interested in creating beautiful things. Her favourite shop was Lush where she could spend hours smelling everything. But little luxuries were expensive, and sport was her priority, so Talitha decided to start making her own. Talitha made her first lip balm at the age of five. Veronika did not want her using products with chemicals like those in some lip balms, and preferred her using natural ingredients. She bought books on how to make soap, natural beauty products, cosmetics and fragrances. She's a big fan of soap queen Anne-Marie Faiola and has watched many tutorials. "It's like magic," Talitha says. "I just enjoy making it and testing all the colours and smelling all the fragrances." She first sold soaps outside her grandparents' house. "It was quite hard at first." Then she sold her wares with Papamoa Lions market and Little Big Markets. She is booked in for the upcoming summer market season. Check out Talitha's Treasures at or her Facebook page.