James Rigden set up Superette with business partner Rickie Dee in 2001. The women’s and men’s designer fashion retailer’s presence now includes three retail stores and an online shop.

What presence does Superette have on social media - and which platforms work particularly well for the business?

Social media has played huge part in building the Superette brand. We realised when we started out online that our customers were very engaged and active on social media. We used Facebook as a way to let our fans into the 'world' of Superette and build a culture around our brand as well as a platform to promote and keep our customers in the loop about new products.

Since then, as the social media scope has widened, we now engage with customers across all outlets - Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on - which has allowed us to keep in constant 'real-time' conversation with our loyal following and increase brand awareness
Facebook and Instagram carry our biggest presence and are the most successful for us in terms of communicating with our customers.

What are some of the things you've done on social media that you feel have worked really well for the business - particularly in terms of driving sales?

Instagram in particular has been great for us as our new #Superstyle campaign has allowed us to have our social content linked directly back to shoppable product. It's also allowed us to leverage the content outside of the Instagram app to drive sales from within our own website.

How much resource does the business dedicate to social media?

It's full time for us and is managed everyday in house. Not an hour goes by where we aren't engaging with social media in some way, shape or form, whether it be by sharing content or conversing with customers. It's so important to us to be actively present online in all the same places as our customers are.


Any advice for small business owners going into the social space?

Read and research online. The social media world is constantly changing and it's important to have an understanding of the medium you're choosing to engage in. Then put a plan in place and then test and analyse to see if your business is responding to it. I'd say pick one channel to begin with and give it 110%. If you're not dedicated or don't have the resources to be regular with your engagement and commitment then don't bother as you'll quickly lose the interest and trust of your audience.

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