What things from real life aren't shown accurately in movies?

1. The way people look when they wake up in the morning.

2. CPR, it's brutal in real life.

3. Falling in lava. Movies make it seem like really hot water. Lava is molten stone and has the density of stone. That means you wouldn't sink, but would float on top while your cells melt and you burning body slides across the surface in a horrifying resemblance to butter melting in a pan.

4. Getting shot. Apparently everyone in movies and TV can take bullets like aspirin.


5. Child birth is too clean.

6. "If I just TRY HARDER, this woman will HAVE to fall in love with me!" In real life, a lot of rom-com guys would probably have the cops called on them.

(Source: Reddit.com)

Just banter? Milking shed talk?

This was posted on the NZ Farmer Facebook page. A Christmassy laff. Some people didn't like it and why that is is perplexing to others. So here's a quick explanation as to why it is sexist. Firstly, because it harks back to a time when men did the driving and women didn't get their licences and when they started driving they weren't as proficient, hence the birth of 'women drivers' cliche. Nowadays women are independent drivers and aren't the gender having most of the accidents. Just ask the insurance companies. So the LOLs don't really work on that level. Secondly, because drinking is for blokes. The assumption here is that ladies don't drink and must always drive their irresponsible menfolk home after a night out. PS it's not offensive, it's just out of touch and lame and unnecessary.


Doggone! Catchphrase makes perfect sense

The phrase raining cats and dogs originated in England with all the thatched cottages, declares Alan of Blockhousia. "Dogs and cats weren't allowed inside at night and they were able to get up and rest on the thatch of a flattish roof. But then with sudden heavy downpours they'd get swept off the roof and down onto the street. Hence the phrase.

Overseas gift worse for wear

James writes: "Had exactly the opposite with a package sent from overseas. No protective air bags and a broken gift. Be thankful Farmers had enough sense to package it safely and properly. I'm old so was brought up with, better safe than sorry. Still works for me."