This picture of our PM has been mistaken for a stock image of Man Looking Despondent in Office. The picture used in a story about people quitting their jobs was spotted by Faye Lougher. "I clicked on a post headed 'The moment these people knew they were going to quit their job' and discovered a familiar face," she said on Kiwi Journalist Association Facebook page.

Narrow view of masculinity

Entertainer S.S Margarin (@boguspress) tweeted the reactions of parents whose son asked for a butterfly painted on his face at a gig he was working. "A 4-year-old boy asked me to paint a blue butterfly on his face. Then his mother told me 'no, he doesn't want that'. I said: 'Butterflies are beautiful, he said that's what he wants, shouldn't I paint what he wants?' She replied: 'No give him something for boys.' She turns to dad, a big guy in a jersey, and says accusingly, 'Do you want your son to have a butterfly on his face?' He says 'No'. I really tried you guys, but this woman was so scared of her son wanting a butterfly she made me paint a skull and crossbones on his cheek."

Museum-goers break ancient artifact

A 800-year-old stone coffin has been broken after a child was lifted inside it for a photograph at a museum. Reckless visitors hoisted the youngster over a protective barrier and put it inside the open casket, but a chunk fell off at Prittlewell Priory Museum in Southend, Essex. Those responsible were caught on CCTV but ran off without reporting it.

Warm beer hazard

Wise old owls

Bob Sharp of Matakana writes: "Only a terminal cynic it seems could've labelled a bunch of wise old owls a 'parliament', but it did however, prompt a few ideas of my own. We could, for example, have a 'trail' of quail, a 'mafia' of mynahs, a 'flitting' of fantail or a 'bloody cheek' of sparrows. Maybe a 'strut' of magpies and a 'pie' of blackbirds, but I suspect the aforementioned honourable members of 'parliament' really couldn't give a hoot."


Liberal media clickbait

Guardian columns look like a parody when all lumped together...

Positive thinking may be holding you back

We are told to dream big and that we "can do anything" and that "never give up" but maybe this unrelenting positivity is just hot air and we'd be better off (and happier) if we had a reality check? "Indulging in undirected positive flights of fancy isn't always in our interest. Positive thinking can make us feel better in the short term, but over the long term it saps our motivation, preventing us from achieving our wishes and goals, and leaving us feeling frustrated, stymied and stuck. If we really want to move ahead in our lives, engage with the world and feel energised, we need to go beyond positive thinking and connect as well with the obstacles that stand in our way. By bringing our dreams into contact with reality, we can unleash our greatest energies and make the most progress in our lives." Read more here.

Video Pick

Little Drummer Bird

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