Telling it like it is at the Mangere Bridge shops.

Cheap but nasty

A Google Maps review of Auckland prison Paremoremo, by Jimmy Jones: "This was one of the worst places I have stayed! I was forced to stay at their 'sister' accommodation on the Great South Rd, Otahuhu for weeks before checking into my room. Once there I was forced to share accommodation with other guests, like some kind of student accommodation. Checking out was even worse. I was refused check out on several occasions before finally being able to check out almost 7 years later! The food was terrible, although this was expected considering the stay was quite cheap. Other guests were up all night which made sleeping quite difficult. The staff were always in a bad mood which really brought down the atmosphere. Close access to the motorway which would have been handy for getting into town on a Friday and Saturday night, however room keys were not provided so guests are unable to leave the 'resort' ... Overall I hated the place and hated my stay! It was not an enjoyable holiday like I thought. I was going to give my missus a flogging for recommending the place and organising the shuttle there via Otahuhu but then I remembered this was how I had made my booking originally. I would give it 5 stars for the price though as this was very reasonable for a 6-year, 9-month stay (). I will not recommend this to friends and will not be returning."

Family on carpark duty


A reader writes: "Went to a Westfield out west on Queen's Birthday Monday around 2pm. It was heaving with consumers. Round and round I drove looking for a park, following all the other desperate souls, when like an apparition a parking space appeared right in front on me. A swift flick of the indicator, I swooped toward it ... only to be stopped in my tracks by a family standing in the space telling me to stop. They were saving the park for someone. Someone with a less mild temperament may not have rolled her eyes and backed away and I wonder who would've been in the right if it got out of hand."

Fired gently: Tanya writes: "My gorgeous 10-year-old obviously did not think I was getting the message when she kept telling me, so decided to leave me this note on the coffee table. I feel redundant but glad I was fired with love and beautiful manners."
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