Owen Stewart noticed this sign on the public toilets in Rotorua yesterday."Why do you need supervision in the toilet? What happens if you need to go on Sunday?" he asks. See the full image here.

Irksome small acts of laziness
1. Not closing cupboards after opening them (I walk into my girlfriend's house and it looks like the kitchen scene from Paranormal Activity 2.)
2. Not putting away shopping carts.
3. When people nearly finish the contents of a package just to avoid having to throw away the packaging.
4. Not rinsing the Weet-Bix residue out of the bowl. Turns to concrete.
5. Putting ice cube trays back in the freezer empty.
6. Asking a question that can be easily answered with Google.
(Source: Reddit)
They said it
1. "When people ask me about Crowded House and Finn Bros it's like they're asking me when I'm going to get back with my old girlfriend." (@neilmullanefinn)
2. "A match flares, a cigarette is lit, John Key steps through the smoke to yell 'Briter Fewchar', fade to black. National 2014." (@Dovil after the announcement two former tobacco lobbyists are standing for National).

Stick to the basics
Yesterday's trolley comparison simply shows that people can make poor choices, says this reader. "Neither of the trolleys provides a meal for $14. What about 10 tins of 420g baked beans 79c each, 20 eggs $5.50 a tray and a loaf of wholemeal bread $3 for 20 slices for a breakfast, lunch or supper of beans on toast with poached or boiled eggs to serve 10 people [or more]. Can be made with limited cooking facilities, is full of fibre, protein and carbs and tasty to boot. Of course, it isn't sexy, organic or in any fad food magazine. There are lots of healthy, tasty ways to eat on a budget. Helps if you have some cooking skills and a kitchen. Look to other cultures that have a vegetarian-based diet (think Indian pulse-based meals) and you can eat like a king."

Cheap yet healthy
Anna Stolk was annoyed by the trolley comparison in yesterday's Sideswipe and she writes: "I know what it's like to have limited money to buy food but have never resorted to buying junk. Just to prove a point that you can buy plenty of healthy food for little money, this is what I bought this morning for $14.03."
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Picture this #2: Radiologists selfie...


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