Nasa prepares for lunar food crop experiments

Nasa is going to grow turnips and basil on the moon starting in 2015, but don't expect moon pesto to be sold at your local farmers' market just yet. Scientists say they will monitor the growth of turnips, basil, and some cabbagey things in a sealed growth chamber to gauge how well life responds to the inhospitable environment. Nasa's plans are bigger than just spearheading the trend away from local and toward lunar food: "If we send plants and they thrive, then we probably can too," suggests the press release, in which Nasa also refers to humans as "colonists". (Source: Grub Street)

A bit hard to swallow

Seems beggars can be choosers. A reader writes: "Yesterday I was walking along K Rd when I saw a man with a sign saying 'Need money for food'. I didn't have any money on me but remembered I had my lunch which I didn't eat from that day so I got it out and told him I don't have any cash but you can have my lunch [which by the way wasn't bad, it was a fancy ham sandwich], to which he replied, 'No thanks, I prefer cash'."


Considerate drivers

A reader writes, "As somebody who would probably be classed as an elderly woman by Andrew whizzing through the Napier gorge in his Ford Falcon XR6, I would not want to drive for seven hours without stopping. I would need to stop for a drink of water to rehydrate myself, and to stretch my legs and go to the loo, and I have a hand which gets very sore if I hold the steering wheel for too long. I also try to consider the other drivers behind me and if there is a passing lane, or they are trying to pass in any other place I will slow my speed to let them pass more safely. It is the younger drivers who do not consider anybody else has the right to be on the road holding them up."

Traumatised by near accident

Peter from Taihape says he used to be one of those impatient and brassed-off drivers who'd take stupid risks ... "until one night, on a lonely road, still impatient to get where I was heading, I nearly rolled the car on a harmless but tight corner ... Up on two wheels and in slow motion, the recovery was the longest time in my memory. Ever since then my car is a shopping trolley and I only drive when I have to. It's called being traumatised - a classic case! Or you might spot me pottering around the country, much to your annoyance."

Stupid Christmas gift ideas:


which straps on your thigh...

Picture this #1: Abandoned Wonders of New Zealand...

Picture this #2: For his photo series 'Generations' Julian Germain photographs families with four and five generations. Showing the family resemblances, through a bloodline from a great-great grandparent to a toddler, is quite striking, and the feeling of the inevitable transience of life, I found quite profound.

A short for Wellingtonians: "WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living."

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