One reader was so impressed with their local cafe's coffee art they thought it deserved acknowledgment. They write: "After reading Sideswipe and looking at the coffee bear this morning, I decided to send some of the pictures of the best coffee in Devonport. My girlfriend and I always go there and we love it. The artist's name is Hyuo Sang and she works in Devonport Connection Cafe."

When nature calls ...

Real estate agents are using bodily functions to sell houses these days. A reader came across this blurb for a house while browsing Trade Me's listings: "Offering four bedrooms + study, three bathrooms, two separate living spaces while spread out over two levels giving everyone their own space. Both living areas flow on to large decking areas so all can enjoy the call of nature with this beautiful native bush back-drop."

Gaby Evans thought the One News forecast for last Saturday was a little off. Can you really play golf in the waters off Auckland's east coast?


Ken Donelan, of Paihia, writes: "Times must be tough at Dick Smith Electronics as they are now charging for their catalogues."

Text speak for 2013

Terry Moffitt has come up with some suggestions for ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) alternatives:

SWAN - Smirked With A Nod (try it, you'll get it)
SKIDIT - Smiled, Knowing I've Done It Too
GAB - Giggled A Bit
GIA - Groaned In Agreement

Picture this: Photobomb of the day...

My favourite meme from last year: Celebrities who look like mattresses...

Edjucate yerself: Fiscal cliff explained (in a way you can probably understand and relate to)

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