David bought fish and chips from a place on Metro magazine's Best of Auckland 2011 list. "Apparently $6 worth of chips doesn't go far these days," he says.

Card-carrying pedantic nuisance

Sometimes the customer is not always right ... An admin person at an eye clinic had the following conversation with a patient making a new appointment.

Admin: "So, this is your card with the date and time of the consultation."
Patient: "Do I get a letter with this information?"
Admin: "We just give out the cards. We have about 140 patients every day. So, we can't mail everyone a letter for their next appointment ... sorry."
Patient: "But then, how do I remember it?"
Admin: "Well, you have your card now."
Patient: "That's not possible, because I'm going to throw this card away!"
Admin: "Just hang on to the card and you'll be fine."
Patient: "You're no help at all. In case I forget my next appointment, it's your fault!"
(Source: Not always right.com)


That's my (plastic) baby

Modern technology has made 3D and even 4D ultrasound photos for pregnant couples, but now a Japanese engineering company is using the technology to create a plastic model of the fetus. The standard service costs 100,000 ($1575). (Source: Digiinfo.tv).

Might it be your fault?

A number of readers gently suggest that Robert Tudman may need to review his driving style as well as his car colour to have experienced so many rear-endings. "In the eyes of the law it is the person who does the rear-ending who is responsible, but in reality nose-to-tails are often caused by the poor driving skills of the driver in front," says one reader.

Keys lost at Fowlds Park

"As most of the civilised world reads Sideswipe," writes Chris, "I wonder if you can help. I lost a set of Honda car keys in Fowlds Park, Western Springs, on Friday evening while dog-walking. Reportedly picked up by a jogger."