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Now you probably need to be uplifted? Here's a wonderful compilation of strangers going out of their way to show some humanity (very refreshing if you spend a lot of time on the internet).

Picture this: The spray tan is not just the tool of the American child beauty pageant circuit. A startling series of photos of contestants at the World Irish Dancing Championships.


Animal loving: CPR for puppies.

Cool things: World Map Aquarium.

Mainland homeland: Tourist Nathan Kaso, an amateur landscape photographer, shot this film over two weeks while exploring the South Island. Magnificent.

Documentary: Swansea Love Story is an award-winning look at a generation lost to heroin, as told through the tragic love story of Amy and Cornelius. In 2009, Swansea drug agencies reported a 180% rise in heroin use, and it's visible on the city streets. Early one morning we meet a young, homeless couple named Amy and Cornelius in a city centre alley...

Music: In the spirit of OK Go's famous treadmill music video, Eytan and The Embassy have 18 costume changes with no edits in this music video for the song Everything Changes.

Video: A Chinese construction company has announced plans to build the world's tallest building (220 stories high, 10 metres taller than Dubai's Burj Khalifa) just 90 days. This may sound impossible, but parts of the building are made ahead of time and then installed on site.

Do-gooding: Next week I am sleeping rough in Auckland's CBD as part of the Lifewise Big Sleepout - a fundraiser for the homeless that really asks participants live it, rather than just talk about it, for one night. The weather forecast predicts eight degrees and showers. Please sponsor me by going here.
Video: Matt Harding made a video in 2005 - of himself dancing a silly dance in many different places around the world (Where the Hell is Matt?). It went huge and is currently being plagiarised in a credit card ad on our telly. He did it again in 2006 and now in his latest trot around the globe he tries out different dances....