In response to her ad to sell a property, Suzanne was approached by someone she figured was a con artist. It turned out he had proof he wasn't. The email said: "I not only buying your property, I am also looking up to investment in your country. I will send you details of my investment funds so that you know I am serious." He then sent me the attached picture ...

Voters left in dark

The website is out of date, says Janet. "In the FAQ on boundaries: 'What are the boundaries of my local ward and local board? The Local Government Commission will make decisions on the details of the boundaries of the Auckland Council wards and the names, number and boundaries of the local boards and their membership by March 1, 2010.' And nowhere does it say who we're actually going to be voting for: Talk about not making the democratic process transparent."

Miracle man to the rescue

Chelsea writes: "To the kind man who stopped on the northwestern motorway to help a blushing girl last Friday at 5.30pm. I had foolishly run out of petrol, when to my surprise Mr Floyd Ormsby of 'Supreme Miracle Clean' turned up with a petrol can. He promptly filled up my car, tapped my roof and headed off on his way.You were a total saviour ..."

Today's Webpick: Clever advertisement for Samsung which uses the cuteness of a dancing kid perfectly... Go here and scroll down.

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