Dawn sent in this shot of an unhelpful stair-rail.

Keith notes: "Whitcoulls, formerly Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, are celebrating 130 years. I recall that on the morning of the first day of the changeover to decimal currency in 1967 customers of the Queen St store were confused when told only the old currency could be accepted for purchases. The situation was remedied in the afternoon when staff received supplies of the new currency. Incidentally, the company was then commonly referred to as Titcombe & Wombs."

Hash brown hunt grows
Di and Bruce are also desperate to have the HQ Restaurant hash browns back. "Our view that Sideswipe accurately feels the pulse of Auckland was reinforced by noting Rolf's mourning of the passing of the HQ hash browns. Saturday morning is not the same. If you find the chef please let him know how desperate the hash brown lovers have become."