Cruising solo

"On the Queen Mary II, a passenger's husband died," writes Mike of Onetangi. "She had three options. Leave the ship at the next port [Brisbane] and fly back to the States, have him placed in the freezer until she got back in three months [at great expense], or get off at Brisbane, have him cremated and enjoy the rest of the cruise. She chose the last."

Hear it, pop it, believe it

Now even pill popping has gone digital. The developers of new iPhone app Digipill claim it "uses psychoacoustics to unlock your subconscious and change your perception". Each of 13 "pills" are actually 15 to 30-minute self-hypnosis audio recordings - from T-break, a 13-minute "prescription" for relaxation to Man Magnet pill, which promises to make you feel irresistible.


Major celebration

Vic Hungerford writes: "At primary school I was taught that Kupe discovered New Zealand in about 950 and that rugby was born in 1823. It would seem that the Hunterville Rugby Football Club was founded 12,500 years ago, as it is about to celebrate its 125th Centennial!"

Most irritating social media users
1. Diet and exercise boasters (Posting about calories consumed and how much time spent exercising).

2. Those who share every meal (Any meal shared is one too many).

3. Cryptic status writers (Vague updates that beg for questions).

4. Game inviters (Recruiting friends to play the same game to aid progress).

5. Proud parents (Overly frequent 'hilarious' sayings or tantrums or illnesses).

6. Oversharers (Too much personal information).

7. Checker-inners (Sharing every place they go).

8. Event spammers (It is unlikely people who live in a different city will come to your event).

9. Constant engagers (Like and comment on everything).

10. Self-promoters (Often small business owners who treat everyone as a potential customer). Via a survey in the Daily Mail.

Dead pet treated with dignity

Dee writes: "Sincere gratitude to Alex from Turley Rd, Dairy Flat, who stopped on Kahikatea Flat Rd on Saturday night when another car killed Allsorts the cat and drove off. Alex brought her to our property thinking she was ours. Her owners were devastated, but grateful to not be wondering about her fate and able to put her to rest."

Picture this: Buzzfeed has a great selection of the strangest stock photos you'll ever see...Stock photo gallery #1, gallery #2 and gallery #3.
Nostalgia: An instructional video for new wives on very, very basic cooking terms (like stirring) and what they mean...

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Media: Now that's a front page from tabloid heaven...
Video: If you grew up in New Zealand in the 80s, you will know all the words to this song:..

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