Oscars get hands-on

A reader writes: "With my summer flu I thought try enduring the red carpet coverage of the Oscars - the 'who are you wearing' malarkey. It was all pleasant enough, with some lovely dresses and not too much lens lingering, but I baulked when Ryan Seacrest wheeled out a red-carpeted, open-ended box and directed Jennifer Hudson to walk her hand down it. It was manicure-cam."

Arrest me! Sorry we're closed

After 15 months at large, Saleh Hadri decided to face the music and turn himself in to police in Sweden. The 45-year-old was wanted in connection with the murder of a gang leader in 2011. Hadri says he is innocent and wants to clear his name. However, when he went to the police station in Malmo shortly after 6pm, he found it was closed. He explained his situation to those inside by the intercom, but was told to go to another police station, which he did - unescorted. Hadri was arrested in his second attempt to surrender. Police officials say the incident is "regrettable". (Source: Mental Floss)


Off the communications highway

"At the end of my driveway is a brand new exchange box," writes a rural reader. "I have spoken to the Chorus technician multiple times over the last year as they have slowly got the box working. The last technician told me 11 people are already on the box. My neighbour is currently enjoying very fast broadband off the box. Telecom are still telling me there is no service in my area and seem perplexed that it is already being used by half my rural road. I seem to live in a geographical oddity where everyone around me can get broadband except me."

Travelling becomes a bit clunky

A reader writes: "Travelling back from Melbourne on Air New Zealand, the wheels on my new bag had pieces sliced off them during handling so they are no longer round. The bag is now almost useless to the extent everyone can hear you coming with the clunk, clunk sound the wheels make. Air NZ says they will not repair the damage to the wheels, wait for it, because the wheels protrude slightly. Perhaps this is why you hear so many bags going clunk, clunk as they are dragged through airports."

Language going up in smoke

This reader liked the fact the Ponsonby firefighters gave Adrian's Big Brother kid a tour, but ... "Aarrggghhhh. They're not bloody 'fire trucks', they're fire engines. This creeping Americanisation is driving me mad - 'cookies', 'elevators', 'kilometre' with the accent on the 'o' instead of the 'l' ... The next thing we will all be speaking with a faux American accent. Mercy!"

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