Spotted on Perhentian Island, Malaysia.

Customer free to make a fool of himself

Customer: "Yeah, this phone still powers on, but the flip part of the screen has been ripped off. Can you pull the contacts off and put them on my new phone? I'm not a customer with your company though."

Me: "We charge $15 to do the transfer. But if it doesn't work, I won't charge you anything at all."


Customer: "What? You're not going to do it for free?"

Me: "No, sir, I have to charge a fee for my time and services."

Customer: "That's bulls***! You should do it for free!"

Me: "Right, and what do you do for a living, sir?"

Customer: "I make fences."

Me: "Awesome! Is it cool if I swing by after work and get you to build me a fence for my puppy who likes to play in my backyard? Of course, I can't pay you, so can you do it for free?"

Customer: "What?! No! I don't work for free."


Much appreciated help to family in need

The Gibson family say they "would like to thank some very kind members of the public who assisted us on Friday night when the axle of our caravan broke in the hills from Waihi to Whangamata. These strangers stopped and assisted with traffic control willingly and for extended periods of time. In particular we wish to thank the ladies on a girls' weekend, the gentleman who was at the top bend for over an hour and the wonderful Saunders family who stayed with us and our two young children for over an hour and a half. How wonderful is it that in times of need we can still offer our time and comradeship to others in distress."

Shellshocked by scallop size

A question of wee scallops ... As a retailer and harvester of scallops Andrew says the small scallops found by our reader are not Australian scallops. "They will be from the Coromandel and the reality is that the size does vary from day to day. If you want large scallops there will be a few fresh ones around over the next couple of weeks coming out of the Marlborough Sounds. This fishery only opened last week and will be open for around 4-6 weeks."

Skinned fruit suspicions

Steve has a theory on ready-peeled fruit: "I have been reading about the fruit shops putting peeled fruit on wrapped trays, I have seen it a few times and just wondered could it be because the fruit is getting older and the skin shows it or that the skin has been damaged while on the stand? Not that I am suggesting it's a good idea, but it may be a way to hide the fact it isn't fresh or perfect."