London and even New York are being considered as venues for a Bledisloe Cup game in 2020.

The Australian Rugby Union is considering the move during the $780m renovation of Sydney's ANZ Stadium, according to the Daily Telegraph.

"We are a global game so global opportunities will present themselves," ARU general manager Rob Clarke said.

"Argentina are playing their home game against us at Twickenham in the Rugby Championship this year, so there is a precedent there.


"...we have to balance that against rewarding our fans here in Australia and giving them top-class rugby content. So we wouldn't make that decision lightly, but it is certainly part of the framework."

Bledisloe Cup matches have been played in Hong Kong, twice, and Tokyo. The 2020 season looms as the most likely in which a match would be played on neutral turf - Australia hosts only one Bledisloe Cup game in 2018 and 2020, and 2019 is a World Cup year. Other Australian cities are also under consideration.

Clarke said: "Even a city like New York, where there is a strong Australian and New Zealand expat presence, have expressed interest in getting more international rugby content. It is a consideration for us, certainly."

The Telegraph estimated the RFU-owned Twickenham would generate up to $10m for a Bledisloe Cup game, and New Zealand Rugby would get a share of that.

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