Harry and Meghan have tightened up security at their secret Canadian mansion with a tarpaulin barrier and CCTV cameras, according to The Sun.

The Sussexes moved into their new home after stepping down from their roles as senior royals.

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Now TMZ is reporting that the couple have taken some extreme security measures at the North Saanich villa.


And according to The Sun, a giant tarpaulin has been strung from the trees to block the view of their home, while one security camera - if not more - has been set up on the beach.

There's also a "no trespassing" sign on the fence.

Harry and Meghan made the move with nine-month-old Archie in January, dropping their HRH titles and quitting the monarchy for financial freedom.

The security measures come as the couple issued warnings after Meghan was snapped walking her dogs with Archie last month.

The couple issued warnings to the press after Meghan was photographed with Archie. Photo / AP
The couple issued warnings to the press after Meghan was photographed with Archie. Photo / AP

She'd fled the UK after she and Harry dropped their bombshell announcement that they were quitting.

It's unclear who owns their "Megha-mansion" and whether they're paying rent - which is said to be estimated at over $200,000 NZD.

The stunning villa boasts two private beaches and eight bedrooms along with brilliant views.

A local, who did not wish to be named, told the Sun they were "surprised" to hear the couple were staying there.


"It's always been a mystery about who actually owns it ... it doesn't seem the sort of place a royal couple would go."

Island locals first saw Harry and Meghan around December 18 jogging and hiking, with the couple even stopping to take a selfie for another couple on New Year's Day.

Taxpayers in the UK are still funding the Sussexes' security while they are living in Canada.