Regardless of where cops are pulling over law-breaking drivers, any one of them would be the first to admit they've heard every excuse in the book.

But one West Australian driver's brutal honesty has left the state's cops with their jaws on the floor.

Taking to social media, WA Police Traffic shared a ticket issued to a Perth driver β€” who admitted he'd been on his phone because he was "watching porn".

Despite his honesty, the man, who was caught on Abernethy Rd in Belmont, was still handed a whopping fine, reported.


The driver's viewing habit left him AU$400 (NZ$435) out of pocket and three demerit points lighter.

WA Police Traffic posted the bemused message to its Twitter page on Tuesday, warning anyone else to think twice before following suit.

"Watching porn on your mobile phone whilst driving along = $400 and 3 demerit points", followed by the hashtags #eyesontheroad and "dontletthemissesknow [sic].

The man offered up a wild excuse. Photo / WA Police Traffic / Twitter
The man offered up a wild excuse. Photo / WA Police Traffic / Twitter

Members of the public poked fun at the horny driver, with one person tweeting: "How many hands did he have on the steering wheel? None."

But perhaps the most succinct reaction to the driver's excuse came from the Eyes on Crime WA Twitter page: "Wow. Just wow."

The post was retweeted 20 times before it was deleted.

The post has since been taken down.

WA Police regularly share photos of the excuses drivers offer to try and get out of tickets.

In April last year, a West Australian man caught running a red light gave police a stunning excuse, telling them he was rushing to get his kids' Nando's.

Then, there was the unaccompanied learner driver who was caught going 41km/h over the limit and with a blood alcohol reading of more than 0.05.

The driver simply said: "I'm doing it for my mum, it's a long story."