A woman's reality TV obsession has caused her fiance to suffer a painful injury to his penis, after she jerked her body suddenly to see the TV screen while they were having sex.

Self-described X Factor addict Emma Pearce, 34, ripped her fiance Allan Blake's frenulum - a sensitive piece of tissue connecting the foreskin to the shaft - when she pushed him off her because she was desperate to see what was happening on the show, reported news.com.au.

According to Ms Peace, it was her partner that instigated the prime time sex session.

"I'd no idea why - we hadn't been watching anything sexy - but I said I was up for it, too, so long as I could still watch the X Factor," the British woman told the UK's That's Life magazine.


"I got a bit overexcited as the winner was announced, and without thinking I shoved Allan to the right.

"Next thing I knew, there was blood everywhere."

Ms Pearce told the magazine that Mr Blake howled in pain and gripped his genitalia as blood began to flood from his crotch, screaming out in agony "I've torn my banjo!"

Ms Pearce called emergency services and explained the sex injury. The person on the other end of the line instructed her to wrap her fiance's penis in a wet flannel shirt and give him some pain killers.

The Cornwall couple eventually decided to go to the emergency room, where a doctor informed them the torn skin would heal on its own, but warned them not to have sex for at least a month.

The TV addict's moment of distraction resulted in a painful few days for Mr Blake.

For some people that news might be another blow after an already upsetting situation, but Ms Pearce said Mr Blake's reaction surprised her.

"Allan joked to the doctor, 'I don't want her to come near me anyway after this'".

Some might say it's Ms Pearce's fault for injuring her fiance, but she's putting the blame squarely on X Factor.

"Its all the X Factor's fault for being so fixating."