Sparks flew when they met on the set of MasterChef.

But for contestants Matt Gilray and Andrea Bathgate, their busy working lives remain in the way of their blossoming romance.

Since filming finished, Gilray has gone to a new job in Christchurch and Bathgate stayed in Auckland.

Despite the distance, they are very close friends and were hopeful of a future relationship.


"I live in Christchurch, she lives in Auckland. We still see each other but she has got her career and I have got a few things on the cards," said Gilray.

"We have talked about it and you never know what's around the corner. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

"We talk pretty much every day. We text, email and Skype and we have caught up fairly often."

Gilray said it was difficult returning to work after MasterChef. He now gets recognised and asked by customers at the Rare and Fare Butchery in Christchurch.

"The same question keeps popping up -who won? We can't say anything; the question gets a bit boring."

Bathgate, who was staying with Gilray in Christchurch this week, said they were enjoying cooking and tasting food together during a romantic weekend.

The nurse who worked at Auckland's Starship Hospital before the competition, said: "It's a bit difficult with land and sea in the way. It was very intense during filming."