Makes 30 quiches

Sorry no gluten-free options here, but we can accommodate vegetarians.

Mini muffin tins are most helpful when making finger food as they are the ideal size. Baby pastry cases can carry all manner of fillings and can be made into open-topped offers or mini pies.

Buy your pastry, a savoury short crust is best. One frozen pack of 5 sheets will be ample for 30 pieces.


Spray or oil your mini muffin tins well.

Find a cutter or a glass that will cut a pastry circle to fit the indent of the tray and come up the sides, and one that will make a top. Cut out your pastry shapes and rest them in the fridge.


1 Pick over 300g of spinach, remove the stems and wash thoroughly. Drain off the excess water from rinsing.

2 Cook off with a tablespoon of butter or oil to wilt down, season well with salt and pepper. Drain on a paper towel and then chop up the cooked spinach.

3 Whisk together 5 whole eggs, a cup of cream and ½cup of grated parmesan cheese. Season with salt and pepper.

4 Drop a teaspoon or more of the chopped spinach into each pastry case.
5 Put the egg/cream parmesan mix into a spouted jug and carefully pour this over the spinach-filled pastry cases until they are just full.
6 Put into the middle rack of a moderate oven and bake until they are set and look appetising.
Hint: Little pies and quiches can be made ahead and warmed to serve.