My favourite steak to cook at the moment is a T-Bone for two. The meat remains juicy, it's simple to cook and it usually costs less than two single steaks.

As with all meat it needs to be cooked at room temperature and rested after leaving the pan.
1 Turn your oven to medium.

2 Place some large mushrooms in a baking dish, season well, pour a little beef stock over them and a tablespoon of butter or oil.

3 Bake in the oven for a good 15 minutes.


4 Heat your frypan to cook the T-Bone. Add a little oil and cook one side first. Turn only once, seasoning the cooked side well. When cooked to your liking, remove from the pan and place it with the mushrooms in the oven. Turn the oven to low.

5 To make the sauce, drain the juices from the mush-rooms into the pan in which you cooked the steak. Put this back on the heat and if needed add a bit more beef stock. Reduce this liquid until you have a nice coating.

6 Plate up the mushrooms and the T-Bone. Drain any further juices into your sauce, reduce a bit more and swirl a tiny bit of butter into the sauce to give it a shine.

7 Pour over the steak and mushrooms, then savour your efforts.

Some mustard and a horseradish cream would be nice on the side, as would a big bowl of mashed potatoes.