Serves four

2 tbsp ground cumin

1 tbsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp freshly milled black pepper


1 tsp ground sichuan pepper

2 tsp ginger powder

1kg lamb shoulder, cut into thin squares

4 tbsp cooking oil (peanut is excellent for this)

4 tbsp dark soy sauce

4 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 tsp sea salt flakes


Soak the long wooden/bamboo skewers in water for about an hour before cooking the meat. This will prevent them burning.


In a bowl, mix all spices together. Coat the lamb pieces in the oil, soy sauce and garlic.


Toss through the spice mix, making sure they're well coated. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave to marinate overnight.


Feed the squares of lamb slices on to a skewer. Drizzle a little oil over each skewer and cook on a heated grill or hot barbecue, turning frequently until the meat is cooked.